Antas-153 Interior Acrylic Caulk Paintable Gap Filler

Packaging : 300mL

Antas-153 is a one component, water based acrylic gap filler. It is user friendly for interior gap sealing with no odor or organic solvent. Once cured, it exhibits good flexibility and is non soluble in water. It may be used for general gap sealing around internal wall panels, ceilings, window or door frames, kickboard, cupboards and wardrobes.
Product feature
  1. Can be painted over with most type of coatings.
  2. No release of odor or organic solvent in construction or in use.
  3. Cured to water insoluble and flexible seals
Main purpose
  1. Sealing the gap of window.
  2. Sealing the gap of interior decoration.
Technical parameters
Technical parameters
No. Test items JC/T 484-2006 index
Stand Ordain
Measured value
1 Appearance Even, exquisite paste, Even, exquisite paste,
no bubble, no skinning, no gel no bubble, no skinning, no gel
2 Density, g/cm3 Specified value±0.1 1.6
3 Sag degree, mm ≤ 3 0
4 Tack free time, h ≤1 0.3
5 Extrudability, ml/min ≥ 100 641
6 Elasticity recovery rate, % - 41
7 Elongation at break, % ≥ 100 187
8 Elongation at break after water immersion, % ≥ 100 451
9 Adhesion at the same temperature after drawn and press cycle No destruction No destruction
10 Low temperature flexibility -5 No crack, stratification or adhesion failure
11 Volume change rate, % ≤ 30 30