antas-635 MS Nail Free Adhesive

Packaging : 300mL/Cartridge

antas-635 Low VOC Rapid Bond is one-component, quick-curing and environment friendly, adhesive sealant based on MS polymer. The shear strength of cured sealants can reach up to 2.5 MPa. Based on its properties of high strength and low environment impact, it is specially designed for commercial or domestic fit-out and seams between structural insulated panels (SIPs) where quick bonding and sealing is required.
Product feature
1.Fast curing with excellent green strength.
2.Excellent long-term adhesion to most types of construction materials.
3.Can be painted over with most surface coating (compatibility tests recommended).
4.Environment friendly, low VOC, free of formaldehyde or phthalate.
Main purpose
Adhesion to indoor decoration materials such as wood, tile, glass, concrete, gypsum board and seams between structural insulated panels (SIPs) etc.
Standards compliant
ISO 16000
GB 18583-2008
Technical parameters
Number Test items Standard Ordain
(GB /T 14683-2017)
Test results
1 Appearance Easy to extrude; Smooth, uniform paste, without bubbles, skinning or gels. Easy to extrude; smooth, uniform paste, without bubbles, skinning or gels.
2 Operability Fiber cement A board >50% 62%
Fiber cement B board >75% of the bonding area of ​​A board 94% of the bonding area of ​​A board
3 Sag degree, mm Vertical ≤3 0
Horizontal 0
4 Solid content, % ≥60 99.0
5 Initial slip resistance, mm ≤2 0
6 Hardness, shore A 30~90 59
7 Tensile shear strength, MPa Standard test condition 24h ≥1.5 2.9
Standard test condition 168h ≥2.5 3.5
Heat treatment ≥2.5 3.6
Wet surface ≥1.5 2.6
After high temperature storage
≥2.0 3.3
8 Shear deformation under static load No cracking or falling off No cracking or falling off
9 VOL, g/L ≤100 21