Vinyl Silicone Oil | silicone oil uses

Vinyl silicone oil is vinyl-terminated dimethylpolysiloxanes and has reactive vinyl group. They can be used as base polymers of silicone rubber or as blend polymers in order to create the desired hardness. These polymers can be cured with silicon-hydride crosslinkers and a platinum catalyst
Product feature
We suggest users to do the applicability test before the formal use of this product.
Due to the diversity of practical application, we won't c responsibility for the problems in special conditions of use about our products. We are not responsible for any direct,indirect or accidental damage. But users can contact my company's after-sales service when you have any problem in the using process , and we are happy to help.
Technical parameters
Appearance                         Colorless transparent fluid
VolatileMatter(%)             ≤1.0
Viscosity (cps, 25℃)            300-100000
Vinyl Content(%)            0.08-1.40
Use restrictions
(1)This product is not to dangerous, but not to eat and enter eyes.
(2)This product is non-toxic, has good physiological inertia, no irritation and damage to the skin. Products do not contain flammable and explosive ingredients.
(3)It will not cause fire and explosion accidents and has no special requirements for transportation.
(4)This product is not suitable for long-term use at high temperature above 250 ℃, but can be used continuously at